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We started with personalized kids plates, because we love sitting down and eating together and we thought that personalized plates would make mealtime more fun and of course... easier.From there we have expanded our product line to cater to adults as well by adding device covers, platters, coasters, cutting broads, serving trays, wine totes, and many others. First, customizing and personalizing designs for customers and working directly with them, then producing and shipping products right out of our house.We noticed that these personalized gifts were expensive and we wanted to make them more affordable. All of our products are customizable to add flare to your everyday life and reflect your personality. With only my husband and I working our overhead is low so our prices are low as well.As a mother and wife using these everyday items and having little personalized reminders of my beautiful family gave me a sense of pride and ownership. Knowing that these items are common place and most people have these items already are now special because of personalization.We hope that you enjoy these products and much as we do and we hope that they will brighten up your day! We have put a lot of heart into our work to make sure that the items you purchase are yours... and not everyone else’s.

This is where practicality meets personality.

Who is Tin Tree Gifts?

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