How does shipping work?

All buyers are responsible for entering the correct ship to address. Tin Tree Gifts is not responsible for incorrect ship to addresses submitted with any order. If the wrong ship to address is entered and the buyer notifies Tin Tree Gifts, Tin Tree Gifts cannot guarantee necessary changes will be made and cannot refund purchases.

--Shipping Method--

All domestic shipping goes USPS First Class 2-3 day shipping for packages under a pound. All domestic shipping goes USPS Priority 1-3 day shipping for packages over a pound.  You will typically recieve your product with in 10 business days after you approve your proof or about 2 week. Buyer is responsible to inform seller if products are needed faster and required to cover all cost of expedited shipping.  International shipping orders may take up to 5 weeks to receive, based on our handmade process and customs, an shipping times. Tin Tree Gifts is not responsible for any additional custom fees or charges. 

--Damage and Loss--

Tin Tree Gifts cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages, or delay in delivery times. Tin Tree Gifts is responsible for shipping packages out within the stated time frame with in the product item description of proof approval and cannot determine delivery times when it is in the hands of the carrier.

Tin Tree gifts cannot be held responsible for any damage caused during transit. However in such cases where it is determined that damage was caused due to lack of packaging material, Tin Tree Gifts will evaluate these in a case by case basis. 
Tin Tree Gifts is not responsible for packages lost by any carrier. In such cases where a item is lost, we will resend the product exactly as you ordered. Tin Tree Gifts will not refund or replace product purchases if a delivery is confirmed.

--Deadlines and Expedited Shipping--

Tin Tree Gifts will be diligent and expedient in sending purchases. Please be aware of all shipping, transit and delivery times and refer to our standard shipping terms. Tin Tree Gifts cannot be responsible for the delivery of purchased before the stated delivery times in the product descriptions. In such cases where the buyer requires their purchase faster than the stated delivery time in the product descriptions, Buyer is responsible to notify the seller of any such instance and required to cover all overage charges incurred. We will notify you if for any reason your item will take longer than stated to produce.

Can I return or exchange my the product I recieved?

Tin Tree Gifts offers a 30 day satisfaction garentee on product quaility.  If there is any product that does not live up to stanards within 30 days of purchase, Tin Tree Gifts will replace or refund your money. We will send you a proof within 2 business days to eliminate dissatisfaction of your design. Due to personalization, returns based on design will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

What about damage?

Tin Tree Gifts will not be held responsible for damage to any property that our products may cause. Such as damage to any electronic devices with; iPhones, iPad's, Kindle Fires, and Samsung devices, that is a direct result of using, applying and installing any of our products onto any device. Tin Tree Gifts cannot guarantee that any device case or cover will fully protect any electronic device from any damage including but not limited to water, drops or falls and cannot cover any damage occurred from the installation of any device cover.

How do I know I will get what I am puchasing?

All proofs are sent after purchase. Tin Tree Gifts will send all proofs after purchase and will not provide a proof preview before any product is made and shipped. If there is a mistake this will allow for the mistakes to be corrected before you recieve your gift.


Your proof will be sent to you by the email you provide to us.  All non personalized gifts do recieve a proof with purchase and ship as shown.  Tin Tree Gifts will assume that products are ready to ship and approved by buyer if all product proofs that are not approved within 2 business days will be sent as is.

How does DIY Work?

All the products in our shop are customizable to fit your tastes.  All the products shown within the Tin Tree Gift Shop ship as shown with your personalization. However  if you like what you see but need something different, NO PROBLEM! You are the designer.  We offer a complete customization service, and we will help you bring your vision to life!


Simply pruchase a DIY product listing and let us know what you would like in the message box.  Instructions on how to order will be listed in the decription of each listing. Choose your font , choose your colors, choose your pattern, choose your style from our handy swatches and let us know! If you can think it we can do it! A Proof of your design will be sent to you with in 2 business days after purchase, you make changes to colors and fonts and patterns if your vision didn't qyuite come out as your hoped. We will work with you until your are completely satisfied with your purchase. We specialize in helping you create your everyday products personal here! 

Is there such a thing as a Dumb question?

NO!  We didn't answer your question?  No problem ask it!  Just go your our                      page.

What are the Term of Use on this site?

Just go your our                            page                

What about Privacy?

Just go your our                                 page                

I just placed my order and I have to change something. What do I do?

Your order can still be changed as long as you notify us when you see your proof or contact us by email and refencing your order number before a proof is sent. Before placing your order, please take a few extra moments to review your order before submitting it, to check your spelling and to make sure you haven't left anyone out. If you've made a mistake through the approved proof and you still didn't get what you needed and need to re-order, we'll be happy to offer you a generous 50% discount to do so.

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Tin Tree Personalized Gifts and Monogram Gifts
Tin Tree Personalized Gifts and Monogram Gifts

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