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Welcome to our Shop!

Welcome to Tin Tree Gifts blog!! A place to share our products, customer photos and, hopefully, to help answer questions that come up. First we want to introduce ourselves. My husband, Chad and I started this business in 2011, selling personalized plates. I love to design cute plates that my kids and their friends like to eat off of. From there, we started to sell platters and other housewares, quickly adding cell phone cases and tech accessories. We work out of our home, with our three, very busy children running around. They love to help, and you can see that with the croocked shipping labels they place or even the beautiful designs my daughter comes up with.

Our daughter, Gwendolyn, is 6 years old and our twin boys, Alex and Aiden are 3. (I'm sure you have seen those names on a plate or two). I am excited to share with you more about us and how we use our products in our life. We would love for our customers to do the same! Email me at to share your photos!!

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