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Standing Out

We are busy getting ready for the Holiday Season, already?? I know, but it is only 93 more sleeps till Chrsitmas!! One of the hardest parts about running and operating a small business is figuring out how to stand out so people will buy something! Of course the reward and statisfaction is when someone does take the plung and purchase one of our Great, High Quaility, personalized gifts is that they chose to buy from us out of all the other guys.

While thinking about christmas we have to think about our customers, what they like and how to stand out so offering something new is always the top goal. So how do you stand out? Provide and sell something no one eles has or willing to do. That's How! We provide a complete customization service and you can requst or change any design and we work with you until you are statisfied. Next, we provide modern, chic, and cutting edge design on all of our products that you won't find anywhere eles. This will also help you find inspiration in your custom design so your vision can come to life. Also to provide items that are unqiue and special that actually mean something to the person getting the gift that they can use for years to come. Simple! Right? So this christmas season we are offering personalized santa sacks for those speical gifts from Santa.

Of course we didn't invent the plate, but we feel people don't just buy plates, otherwise all plates would be just one color, white. There might be some rougues out there that would get a soild color like blue but that's crazy! People don't just but plates, they buy design and when you can make it personalized with a custom design you can call it one os a kind and it makes it special. So thinking about design and what other people besides ourselves would like enough is always a challenge. Here you see one of our new designs for the 2015 Christmas season. You may or may not like to the design, this is ok. But you might like to color of the plate and the font on another, let us know and we can make it happen!

As one of the smallest small business, only my husband and I, and being in business for several years we have seen the personalized gift business grow and of course competitor shops come and go on our multiple platforms, like Etsy, Zulily, and Group deals to name a few. In some cases, in our opinion, we have found that design is not one of thier strong suits. You know they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! :) We want to thank the thousands of people that have purchased from us and will continue to be happy loyal customers for this hoilday season and the many more to come.


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