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Personalized Cell Phone Cases

When you look around chances are everyone around you has a phone with in one foot of their body. Cell phones are a new accessory like sun glasses or a purse, you’re always carrying one around or always on it. But cell phones are boring, sure they can do some amazing things but think about it, they all esthetically look the same and they are bland colors like black or white. That’s like everyone walking around with the same pairs of shoes or the same set of pearl earrings. Case’s on the other hand, that’s where it gets interesting, not everyone has the same case. To change the look of your other accessories, well, you have to change the accessory. But why have a black phone with just a plain black case, you might as well wear the same dress as you girlfriends to the party, how embarrassing! Why not stand out, why not be different, isn’t this why phone cases were invented?

Your phone case type will give a new feel to you phone but the design is what makes your phone look unique. Personalized, with a monogram, initial or name and customized with your color and pattern choices, now that makes your phone yours, not everyone like else.

Tin Tree Gifts offers three styles of personalized phone cases that will suit your style, Slim Fit, Slim Fit Wrap, Tough Case. Tin Tree Gifts has a wide array of designs to choose from to satisfy different personality types and different moods. Don’t like what you see? No Problem, you’re the designer! These personalized cell phone cases are fully customizable options that will enable you design your own case or make any changes to an existing Tin Tree Gifts design.

Slim Fit

The Slim Fit Case is a hard plastic cover only offers minimal protection that easily slips onto the back of your phone and will add flare and personality to your device. The image is on the back of the case only and is printed onto a thin metal sheet.

Slim Fit Wrap

Like the Slim Fit Case, this is a hard plastic cover only offers minimal protection that easily slips onto the back of your phone but the image completely warps around your device. Both of these options will protect your phone from scratches and minor drops. But who buys a case for protection anyway? We are talking style here!

Tough Case

Is it protection you’re after? Then, personalize your phone case with the Tough Case option. Built like a tank, this case offers maximum protection from drops and falls. Our tough case features dual protection with a hard rubber insert covered by a hard plastic shell. You might be able to throw your phone through a wall with this case, but we haven’t tried it… The hard rubber insert has a waffle pattern style that allows the case to absorb more impact.


We Got you Covered! Tin Tree gifts offers a wide array of cell phone and device case. Including:

iPhone 4/4s

iPhone 5/5s

iPad 2 / 3 / 4

iPad Mini

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S5

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