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Personalized Glass Cutting Boards

Have you ever walked into someone’s kitchen and just felt right at home and maybe secretly jealous that it wasn't your kitchen that felt so cozy. You find yourself saying “I love your kitchen” and you actually mean it! Of course I guess not everyone can have their dream kitchen or even the neighbor’s kitchen but there are subtle things that you can add to your kitchen that will make your guests and you right at home.

Everyone gathers in the kitchen for any function. If you host large gatherings all the time like we do and the kitchen is always full then you know what I am talking about. Because I am a personalized gift maker I always have new items with new designs around my home to see how I like them before we feature them and everyone notices. We realized that not only are we using these items everyday but we enjoy using them everyday.

Conversation Pieces

These types of items are conversation starters. This is where the beginnings of home come about “where did you get that?” Or, you degined this? These types of things are feel good questions.

Like art on your walls, if you didn’t have something there it just wouldn’t feel right.

Simple everyday items like cutting boards can be functionable but boring. You can put anything on a cutting board to show your style and personality, after all this your kitchen we are talking about, not your neighbors.

Tempered glass cutting boards are light and bright add a little flare to any kitchen. Personalized glass cutting boards are perfect housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, or gifts for your own kitchen. Give a gift that they use everyday that reminds them of great memories, people or just inspiration.


We do have a lot of picture options up with a family name, persaonlization, with many fonts, colors and patterens to choose from.

This tempered glass cutting board designed by Tin Tree Gifts measures 11" x15", or we have a smaller version 8" x 11" for $28. Your image is printed on the back or the cutting board and shine brilliantly through the tempered glass.

The Cutting board surface is textured so your knife and food won't slip. 4 bumpons and are place on the back to raise the cutting board off the counter and provide stability.

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